Build and Install



Python 2.7 is required in order to properly run Thug. You may be lucky running it with Python 2.6 but please consider this version is not supported so issues related to Python 2.6 will be simply ignored. Python source code can be downloaded at


Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. Boost homepage is located at

Packages for most Linux distributions are available.

Google V8/PyV8

Google V8 is Google’s open source JavaScript engine. V8 is written in C++ and is used in Google Chrome, the open source browser from Google. V8 implements ECMAScript as specified in ECMA-262, 3rd edition, and runs on Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and Linux systems that use IA-32 or ARM processors. V8 can run standalone, or can be embedded into any C++ application.

PyV8 is a Python wrapper for the Google V8 engine. PyV8 acts as a bridge between the Python and JavaScript objects and supports the Google V8 engine in Python scripts.

In order to properly install Google V8 and PyV8 please follow the procedure described below.

$ git clone
$ cd pyv8
~/pyv8 $ python build
~/pyv8 $ sudo python install


Graphviz homepage is located at

Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. It has important applications in networking, bioinformatics, software engineering, database and web design, machine learning, and in visual interfaces for other technical domains.

Packages for most Linux distributions are available.

MongoDB (optional)

MongoDB homepage is located at

Packages for most Linux distributions are available.

RabbitMQ (optional)

RabbitMQ homepage is located at RabbitMQ is a high-performance AMQP-compliant message broker written in Erlang and it’s needed just if you want to play with Thug distributed mode.

Packages for most Linux distributions are available.

Thug installation

Starting from Thug 0.8.0, Thug is installable through pip with the following procedure

# pip install thug

Alternatively you can clone the Thug repository and execute

$ cd thug
$ python build
$ sudo python install

The procedure will install the dependencies not already mentioned in the previous sections so you should take care of installing them before actually installing Thug.